Neutral grey film

54% heat rejection, 57% glare reduction


Light grey film

44% heat rejection, 41% glare reduction


Very light grey film

38% heat rejection, 31% glare reduction


Mirror reflective film

76% heat rejection, 78% glare reduction


Reflective film

67% heat rejection, 72% glare reduction


Dark grey film

62% heat rejection, 82% glare reduction


Grey film

56% heat rejection, 69% glare reduction


Very dark film

73% heat rejection, 93% glare reduction

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Solar window films for home and office.


cost effective energy efficiency.


Solar Window Films cut solar heat gain by up to 80%.

HPWF have a simple and cost effective solution to energy efficiency with their comprehensive range of professionally installed solar window films. The application of some solar window films, specifically those that block up to 80% of solar heat, can lower building energy costs, quickly paying for itself by reducing the load on air conditioning systems. Ask us for a rating on your building!

The Benefits of Solar Window Films:

  • Up to 80% solar energy reduction

  • Energy savings up to 31%

  • Reduced glare by over 85%

  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays

  • Protects fabric and furnishings

  • Up to 40% winter heat retention

WERS - Window Energy Rating Scheme for Commercial buildings

Solar window films provide energy saving in compliance with the WERS Energy Rating Scheme, which is commercial building government approved energy rating program.


Reduce Glare with Solar Window Tinting

Solar window tinting films can dramatically reduce glare by up to 85% on computer monitors, promotional plasma and television screens, helping to improve not only clarity but also to help reduce eye stress and fatigue. The perfect solar window tint solution.


Solar Window Films provide UV Protection

Solar window film has UV absorbers impregnated into the film, for greater protection. HPWF Solar window films provide the highest level of protection, blocking over 99% of the sun’s damaging Ultra Violet rays.


Reduce Fading with Solar Films

Fading is largely caused from a mix of ultra violet rays, heat and light. Whilst no window film can totally prevent fading, solar films once applied can dramatically slow it down by blocking UV rays and heat transmission, protecting display stock, carpets, curtains and fittings.

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