Window films.


We have a large range of window films including Solar Film, Energy Management Films Tinted or Clear, Safety Film, Decorative Film, Frosted Film, Security Film and Anti-Graffiti Films.


HPWF has window films to help save energy, cut down heat, reduce glare, reduce fade, reduce costs associated with vandalism and to simply make your home or building look great! Whatever you need may be, HPWF can help!

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Our films are WERS rated and offer 5 stars rating.

Warranties up to

life time!

Energy Management films

Reduce HEAT and GLARE, stop UVs by installing Energy Management films.

  • Up to 80% solar energy reduction

  • Energy savings up to 31%

  • Reduced glare by over 85%

  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays

  • Protects fabric and furnishings

  • Up to 40% winter heat retention



Energy Management films

Get privacy without cutting any light!

Preserve your intimity without blocking natural light in or add a decorative aspect.

Come in different patterns and textures, easily replaced, offer the same look as an expensive etched or sand blast glass for a fraction of the cost.

Extremely resistant, this film is perfect to protect your family from possible injuries.

Complain with the Australia standards for human impact, it is the perfect option to secure your flat glass.

This inhibits shattering and 'flying' fragments that may cause injuries.Available in 100% clear or with a tinted sun control option.

Safety Films
Graphics and Decorative films

No limits but your imagination.

Make your glass unique, adding some privacy or just colour to your room.

Protect your shopfront or any glass / mirror from scratches.

Totally transparent! and UV blocking!