Revolutionary new EnerLogic.


energy efficient film

that outperforms double glazing at a quarter of the cost.


Outsmart the summer heat and the winter cold with EnerLogic Window Films from High Performance Window Films.

EnerLogic Window Films are an innovative and highly advanced new glass window film designed for retrofit application to buildings and homes.





How Enerlogic Window Films Work

Unlike standard solar and Low-E window films, which produce savings only during hot or warm seasons when cooling is required, EnerLogic is an all-season, low emissivity (Low- E) film that produces savings in both cooling and heating seasons in fact, all year round.

EnerLogic Window Films allow all the efficiencies of a glazing upgrade, to either a single glazed window or a clear double glazed unit, and all without the expense, inconvenience and impact on the environment of window replacement.


Designed for both warm and cool climates.

There are two types of EnerLogic Window Film:



A semi-reflective spectrally selective dark emerald green coloured film with a patent-pending low-e coating combined with a high solar heat reduction. Applied internally to glass, it deflects solar heat penetration by up to 76% in summer. In winter, it reflects the bulk of the heat generated in a room - back into the room, reducing energy usage and savings money.

Solar Heat Rejection: 76%
Glare Reduction 63%
Light Transmitted: 33%

Want to see more specs?

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A non-reflective, spectrally selective light amber coloured film, allowing a high level of natural light to filter through with a patent penfing Low-E coating. Applied internally to glass, it deflects solar hear penetration by up to 49% in the summer. In winter, it reflects the bulk of the heat generated in a room - back into the room, whilst allowing the ‘winter’ sun to enter in cooler periods, reducing energy usage and saving money.


Solar Heat Rejection: 49%
Glare Reduction 20%
Light Transmitted: 70%



Improve Energy Efficiency with EnerLogic Window Films

Energy efficiency must now be managed effectively, 24/7 and every season of the year. One of the most remarkable performance features is the film’s ability to reduce heat transfer through windows by 43%. Window Films are an almost invisible form of window tinting. Sunlight still enters, but harmful UV rays, discomforting heat and glare are substantially reduced.

Improving a window’s insulating properties provides year-round energy savings. When you compare how much EnerLogic Window Films improve a typical window’s insulating performance to other film technologies, it’s clear that EnerLogic Window Film is in a class by itself.

Applying EnerLogic Window Film to the current generic glazing system renders it carbon neutral after two months

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Improves INSULATION UP TO 92%!
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