anti-graffiti films.

protective element against graffiti.

Anti-graffiti film also acts as a protection element.

Anti-Graffiti glass protection film a sacrificial film that can be applied, then removed when damaged and re-applied…to protect the high cost of glass replacement at a fraction of the price.


Anti-graffiti window films are effective in minimizing or eliminating damage caused by:

  • Spray paints and markers

  • Scratching or gouging

  • Chemical etching

  • Normal wear and tear


Anti-graffiti film Applications

  • Windows, retail store fronts, display windows, mirrors

  • Stainless steel balustrades, lifts and escalators

  • Transport applications

  • Marble, polished concrete and building facades

  • Malls, stairwells, bus shelters

  • Counter tops and advertising displays

  • General Window Tints